Minera S.A.

Minera S.A., the parent company of KSL,  is an international mining holding company that specializes in the exploration and mining of non-ferrous and precious metal ores. It was founded in 1962 in Panama and is managed from Washington DC.

Together with its predecessor companies Minera has more than 45 years experience in the exploration of mineral deposits, as well as in the operation of mines and smelting plants. Minera's focus is on the precious metals gold and silver as well as the base metals copper, zinc, tin and lead.

Minera S.A. owns several mining companies and projects around the world. 

Company Standards

Minera and KSL comply to the standards of the World Bank / IFC, the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany with regard to health and safety at work regulations.


Minera's policy is to comply with international standards of permissible levels of gas emissions, dust generation, water discharges and noise, among others. The Company is also committed to protecting the flora and fauna in all operation sites. Monitoring of air, solids, noise, surface water and underground water is a daily task performed in all existing mines and it will also be at KSL. Mitigation and land reclamation activities are also performed well in advance of the mine closure.


Safety is and has been a paramount objective in Minera's operations. The Company's policy is to protect the lives and preserve the integrity of our work fource. The Company also work hard to preventm, reduce, eliminate or isolate risks.

Community Relations

Important for Minera is also to promoting good community relations in the areas where it operates.