Water impact

What will the pumped underground water impact be to the surface? 

KSL hydrogeological studies have confirmed the presence of water underground the project locations. In a mine, water has an adverse impact on mine production, ground control, and safety. Therefore, KSL plans to implement a sophisticated water control system, which will pump saline ground water from the mine to use in the process plant in order to reduce mine water discharge volumes into the environment.  The remainder of ground water will require treatment before discharge into a mine water pond, and potentially into the River Spree.

Will the agriculture and forestry of Spremberg be affected by polluted water from the mine?


Will contaminated water flow into the cycle of the local infrastructure?

In the Spatial Planning Process it will be determined whether and to what extent the operation of the copper mine waters can be integrated into the existing infrastructure for water treatment.

Will the absence of underground  water removed for the creation of the mine cause harm elsewhere? Will the water table be jeopardized?

No, the inflow of groundwater into the pit will take place to such a small extent that the groundwater level will not be compromised.