Spremberg - Lusatia's treasure

Spremberg is an aspiring small town with about 25,000 inhabitants in the southeastern part of Brandenburg, not far from the border with Poland. Due to its enormous recreational offerings, the place is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lusatia. The historic center is located in a wetland between two arms of the river Spree on an island, surrounded by a remarkably attractive landscape. The Spree River flows throughout the city and is especially popular in the summer months, given its friendly atmosphere.

Spremberg – View on the historic old city
Spremberg – View on the historic center

The surrounding area of Spremberg is considered a gem of nature and is a popular recreational destination as well. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the hospitable region for hiking, cycling, or just to unwind. In recent years Spremberg has become the center of the district of Spree-Neisse. In addition to the power plants of Vattenfall, many new industries and enterprises have settled in the area and created jobs - including the paper mill Hamburger Rieger GmbH & Co. KG, and of course KSL.

For more information please visit www.spremberg.de or www.spremberginfo.de